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Normal Blagman

Norm has been making music his entire life.

A Bronx native, Norm grew up during the musical evolution of Rock & Roll. As a long standing member of ASCAP, Norm has helped to protect the creative rights of artists like himself. In the last half-century Norm's musical success has included two songs recorded by Elvis Presley ("Give me the right", 1960 and "Put the blame on me", 1961), the original song "Love Power" from the Mel Brooks comedy The Producers (1968 film starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder) and the music of MAD magazine, including magazine inserts, singles and two charted albums ("MAD twists Rock & Roll", 1962 and "Fink along with MAD", 1963), among others. Norm's life in music was the inspiration for Ray-Ban sunglasses' "Never Hide" ad campaign. Today, Norm continues to bring the world wonderful music; be it serious listening or just for fun.

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Artists who have recorded Norm Blagman's songs include:

Elvis Presley • Los Lobos • Alfred E. Neuman • Tiny Tim • Timi Yuro • Dick Shawn • Baby Washington • Joni James • Polly Bergen • The Belmonts • Earl 'Fatha' Hines • Acker Bilk • Mina • The Fleetwoods • Pearl Woods • Marva Josie • Katlin Twins • Jimmy Dean • Three Midnighters • The Dellwoods • and many more!
Elvis: Something For Everybody Elvis: Give Me the Right Joni James: Jukebox Joni Earl 'Fatha' Hines and Marva Josie Little Willie G. Los Lobos: Ride This Mina: Bravissima The Producers Polly Bergen: All Alone by the Telephone Baby Washington