Folk Songs from the Jewish World

Originally released in 1958, Folk Songs from the Jewish World was an instant success in the northeastern United States. The large Yiddish-speaking population in the region clambered for a second album, but one was never produced.

Norm describes the project in his own words:

"Recently it was brought to my attention that this Yiddish folk song album was needed to help keep the language alive for all the people brough up with Yiddish spoken in their home. I checked in my attic and found I still had the original tapes and master disc of the recording. I then began working at a recording studio to the songs re-mastered and made ready to be released as a new CD. I feel sure it will bring back wonderful memories for many older Jewish folks. The CD contains the original 16 songs plus one extra song found on the tape."
Folk Songs from the Jewish World

Side 1

  1. Dortn, Dortn, Ibern Vaserl
  2. A Briv
  3. Zlatke
  4. Papir Iz Dokh Vays
  5. Afn Oyvn
  6. Hopi Mayne Homntashni
  7. Reyzele
  8. A Meydl In Di Yorn

Side 2

  1. Tum Balalayka
  2. Vander Ikh Aleyn
  3. Gey Ikh Mir Shaptsirn
  4. Mayn Harts Veynt In Mir
  5. Oy, Avram
  6. Vigndig A Fremd Kind
  7. Margaritkes
  8. Dos Kelb

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